Barbara Dalio, as the leader of the Dalio Foundation’s work to strengthen public education, is passionate about engaging with educators, community leaders, and young people to build meaningful relationships and design solutions to achieve greater equity across Connecticut.

Barbara believes in the intrinsic abilities of young people who are often overlooked and underserved and recognizes that solutions will come from young people themselves, as well as educators, leaders, and communities. Collaboration can serve as an energizing force for positive youth outcomes in Connecticut.

Barbara spends a lot of time visiting public schools and communities across Connecticut to listen and learn about needs and opportunities. The Dalio Foundation supports a number of organizations that support public school teachers in pursuit of this mission including, Fund For Teachers, and Lincoln Center Education. The Foundation also seeks to make a difference for youth, families, and communities through its support of school partnerships, mental health initiatives, and local non-profit organizations.

Additionally, Barbara and her team have initiated the Connecticut Opportunity Project: a collaborative endeavor to unleash the untapped potential of young people who are disengaged or disconnected from high schools in Connecticut. Today, 39,000 or 22 percent high school-aged youth are disengaged or disconnected from school. Through the Opportunity Project, educators, non-profit leaders, youth counselors, mentors, mayors, and young people have joined together to develop innovative solutions to improve the life opportunities and educational outcomes of youth in Connecticut. To learn more, please visit:

Barbara also works with public schools in her capacity as the founder of the Connecticut RISE Network to help all students realize and achieve their full potential. RISE convenes educators working in different contexts to build community, share innovations, and improve systems to advance shared goals for high school students. RISE members include teachers, school counselors, school leaders, and district administrators. To learn more, please visit:

In addition to support for public schools and communities in Connecticut, the Foundation has also provided support to higher education, including significant support for the iLab at Harvard University. Thus far, the foundation's support for these initiatives exceeds $144 million.

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