Dalio Education

Founded by Barbara Dalio, Dalio Education collaborates with educators, public schools, non-profit organizations, and communities across Connecticut to support public education and engage young people who are struggling. We find and amplify successful practices with our partners and help turn promising ideas into reality for educators and young people.

Our approach is grounded in direct engagement with young people, educators, youth development professionals, community leaders, policymakers, and other experts. We believe that people who are most impacted by the challenges in Connecticut’s education system and communities understand them best and have the perspectives and knowledge needed to make real positive change.

We are proud co-founders of the Connecticut RISE Network, a non-profit organization that collaborates with a community of high school educators to ensure more than 13,000 students achieve success in and beyond high school. Through collaboration, RISE has increased Grade 9 on-track rates by nearly 20 percentage points over five years and more than 25 points for English learners and LatinX students – nearly tripling their likelihood of graduating from high school on time. To learn more, please visit www.ctrise.org.

We are also proud founders of the Connecticut Opportunity Project, an initiative of Dalio Education that collaborates with non-profit organizations to build capacity and strengthen partnerships necessary to positively impact young people who are severely disengaged or disconnected. Opportunity Project partners include COMPASS, Connecticut Violence Intervention Program, Domus Kids, Our Piece of the Pie, Roca, and RYASAP. To learn more about this long-term social investment initiative and its results, please visit www.ctopportunityproject.org.

In addition, we partner with the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, mayors, and community leaders to understand the pandemic’s long-term impacts on young people and how those impacts can be better addressed to help youth succeed. For example, we collaborate with mayors in Hartford and Norwalk and local foundations to help thousands of families access the internet and devices as necessary to learn, earn, and thrive.

We also collaborate with organizations that support public school educators, including AFT Connecticut, the Connecticut Education Association, and Fund For Teachers, to listen and learn from educators’ experiences to support their heroic efforts to engage their students and strengthen public education. These collaborations have benefitted thousands of Connecticut educators across hundreds of public schools, and have resulted in the launch of Teachers of Connecticut, a platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of educators.

We will continue to prioritize the above focus areas and collaborations in 2022 and beyond, reflecting our long-term mission, approach, and goals.

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