Barbara Dalio leads Dalio Philanthropies’ public education initiative. She is passionate about engaging with educators, community leaders, and young people to build meaningful relationships and design solutions to achieve greater equity across Connecticut.

Barbara believes in the intrinsic abilities of young people who are often overlooked and underserved and recognizes that solutions will come from young people themselves, as well as from educators, leaders, and communities. Collaboration can serve as an energizing force for positive youth outcomes in Connecticut.

Barbara visits public schools and communities across Connecticut to listen and learn about needs and opportunities. Dalio Philanthropies partners with a number of organizations that support public school teachers, including, Fund For Teachers, and Lincoln Center Education. Every year, Dalio Philanthropies benefits hundreds of Connecticut teachers by giving them resources to pursue their ideas and professional passions.

Dalio Philanthropies also seeks to make a positive difference for youth, families, and communities through a holistic whole child approach in partnership with public schools and non-profit organizations. Dalio Philanthropies works with Clifford W. Beers Guidance Clinic to provide mental health services for students and their families, and with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to help students succeed in their social, emotional, and academic development.

Barbara works with public school districts in her capacity as co-founder of the Connecticut RISE Network. RISE supports high school educators to improve student achievement. Through collaboration, RISE has increased Grade 9 on-track rates by nearly 10 percentage points over the last three years and more than 15 points for English learners and special education students – nearly tripling their likelihood of graduating from high school on-time. To learn more, please visit:

Additionally, Barbara and her team lead the Connecticut Opportunity Project. Today, 39,000 or 22 percent of high school-aged youth are disengaged or disconnected from school in the state. The Opportunity Project’s mission is to strengthen youth-serving organizations so they can positively impact young people who are disengaged or disconnected from high school and help them graduate and succeed in their lives. To learn more, please visit:

Most recently, Dalio Philanthropies and the State of Connecticut launched a partnership to raise $300 million to benefit youth ages 14-24 and under-resourced communities throughout Connecticut as part of a five-year initiative. The partnership’s mission is to expand upward mobility in Connecticut by connecting disengaged and disconnected high school-aged youth to educational and career opportunities, and by supporting economic development in under-resourced communities through microfinance and social entrepreneurship. The partnership will work with all stakeholders to ensure that community voice and input shape programming design and help advance positive outcomes as quickly and sustainably as possible. To learn more, please visit:

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