Mental Health
and Wellness

The Dalio family has a strong interest in health – both physical and mental wellness.

Dalio Philanthropies has provided support for mental health research at the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, bipolar clinical research and patient care at Johns Hopkins University, and support to organizations that seek to reframe the narrative surrounding mental health.

The Dalio family has long been supportive of organizations providing meditation training as a way to improve creativity and reduce stress. The grants have provided meditation training for inner-city schoolchildren, veterans and other groups through support for the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace, World Community for Christian Meditation and the Meditatio Foundation.

Dalio Philanthropies has supported cutting edge cardiovascular research, diagnostics and device development at the Dalio Institute for Cardiovascular Imaging at New York Presbyterian Hospital and integrative health via the Integrative Health and Wellbeing Center at the New York Presbyterian Hospital. Other grantees study and promote interventions that extend the human health span, encourage healthier eating and exercise habits and research opportunities to reverse the damage that contributes to chronic diseases among the aging. Examples include grants to the Fair Food Network, The Cullman Center for Chemoprophylaxis at Johns Hopkins, Health Corps and SENS Research Foundation. Additional health funding has been provided to the global effort to eradicate polio in partnership with the Gates Foundation.

To date, Dalio Philanthropies and the family’s funding of these programs total approximately $307 million.

Mental Health and Wellness