Ocean Exploration
and Awareness

Ray believes that the oceans – which cover 72 percent of the Earth's surface and 99 percent of its livable space – are the world's largest, most important and least adequately explored natural resource.

Ray's aim is to support researchers’ exploration of the oceans and the public awareness of them so that most people recognize that ocean exploration is as or more important and more exciting than space exploration. He hopes to move the needle on ocean exploration and protection of its treasured assets.

To further this work, the Foundation leverages a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art research vessel and a package of other equipment, including manned submersibles, helicopters, wet and dry labs, customized technology, as well the latest media and editing equipment. This vessel and equipment provide a platform to support the research of scientists worldwide and serve as a cutting-edge media platform that is used to share exciting discoveries with the public.

In order to support research and create media on the exploration of the oceans, the Dalio Foundation has worked with over 80 scientists at scientific research institutions, including Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the American Museum of Natural History, California Academy of Sciences, Yale University, Harvard University and local scientists and research institutions in various locations globally, as well as media partners including the BBC, National Geographic, PBS/NOVA, Conservation International, Silverback Films, Years of Living Dangerously, Atlantic Productions, NHK, and Fusion Media Group and Univision Communications.

The Foundation is also incubating a media production studio, www.oceanx.org. The production studio aims to recapture the excitement and importance of ocean exploration that Jacques Cousteau originally inspired, and to bring audiences along virtually on such explorations. Productions take the form of broadcast media, giant screen and other films, short form videos, social media, virtual reality, a museum exhibit, and impact-driven video games.

Thus far, the family and Foundation’s funding of this initiative as well as support for the environment exceeds $108 million.

Ocean Exploration and Awareness Ocean Exploration and Awareness