Investing in Technology
to Scale Impact

Dalio Philanthropies seeks to catalyze the development and deployment of computing platforms, gaming and other technologies that empower users in marginalized communities and emerging markets as a means of rapidly scaling impact.

We seek to unlock the potential of all people by believing in their individual capabilities and offering meaningful tools and solutions that enable individual agency, and by extension community agency. Dalio Philanthropies sees the role it can play especially in education, health and livelihoods. We also have a strong interest in providing opportunities to teach a new generation of coders. What does the world look like when every kid knows how to code? We hope to encourage that world.

The family and Dalio Philanthropies have supported organizations such as Save the Children, UNICEF, International Medical Corps, World Possible, Foundation for Learning Equality, the Gnome Foundation, and IDEO.ORG in connection with these interests. To date, Dalio Philanthropies and family support for these efforts total approximately $40 million.

Investing in Technology to Scale Impact