Scaling Impact
through Computing

The Dalio Foundation supports the development and deployment of affordable computing in emerging markets and communities of need as a means of scaling impact.

As computing has touched every industry, an approach that merges human-centered design and computing has yet to touch philanthropy in the same way. While there are many people who understand computing and many who understand emerging markets, there is a shortage of those who really understand the overlap of these well. The Foundation sees the role it can play in encouraging this overlap in education, health and livelihoods. The Foundation also has a strong interest in providing opportunities to teach a new generation of coders. What does the world look like when every kid knows how to code? We hope to encourage that world.

The family and the Foundation have supported organizations such as Save the Children, UNICEF, International Medical Corps, World Possible, Foundation for Learning Equality, the Gnome Foundation, and IDEO.ORG in connection with these interests. To date, Foundation and family support for these efforts has exceeded $37 million.

Scaling Impact through Computing