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The Dalio family has a strong interest in health – both physical and mental wellness.

Dalio Philanthropies has provided support for mental health research at the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, bipolar clinical research and patient care at Johns Hopkins University, and support to organizations that seek to reframe the narrative surrounding mental health.

The Dalio family has long been supportive of organizations providing meditation training as a way to improve mental health and reduce stress, including the David Lynch Foundation and the World Community for Christian Meditation. Past grants have provided meditation training for inner-city schoolchildren, veterans and other groups and to address PTSD in health care workers.

The Dalio Center for Health Justice at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, launched in October 2020 through a $50 million donation from Dalio Philanthropies, aims to understand, and address the root causes of health inequities. The Dalio Health Justice Center works to understand and address the root causes of health inequities; reduce health disparities and fight for health justice; invest in research, education, and programing; and advocate for policy change that drives measurable improvements in health outcomes. Additional health funding has been provided to the global effort to eradicate polio in partnership with the Gates Foundation.

To date, Dalio Philanthropies and the family’s funding of these programs exceeds $373 million.

2021 Impact and Achievements through the Dalio Health Justice Center:

  • Announced the $750,000 Health Justice Research Grant program, in partnership with Weill Cornell Medicine and Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, to fund innovative research to directly advance efforts to reduce health inequities.
  • Supported equity-focused projections in the Ambulatory Care Network to address traditional barriers to access to care, like transportation, time constraints, and distrust of the health care system.
  • Launched an award-winning national COVID-19 vaccine awareness campaign that reached over 110 million people through
  • Launched the Black Liver Health Initiative website and outreach programs to address the issue of Blacks and African Americans making up the largest group of minorities in need of an organ transplant while only comprising 12.5% of actual organ donors.
  • Launched the “We Ask Because We Care” campaign aimed at collecting better race, ethnicity, and other data with targeted interventions across the hospital which improved data collection by 19% overall.
  • Launched an enterprise-wide Sickle Cell program to standardize clinical pathways, expand virtual care, provide seamless transitions from pediatric to adult care, enhance access to advanced therapies, and support multi-center clinical trials.
Health and Wellness